We left off at financing options, especially when competing with other offers.  Common sense tells us that to win over the other offers, we need to make things as simple as possible.  The seller is looking for the best offer, and that does not always specifically mean the price offered...

There certainly can be motives that a seller has, like timing, contingencies, possession, the list goes on, and these are things that I find out for the buyers I work with...however, most of the time it will come down to price and financing terms.  If you are competing with 3 other offers and are going to do an FHA loan, most likely you will not get it, since there should be closing costs and seller's concessions involved, and also a more risky loan process.  Best case scenario would be a cash offer with no inspections.  If the amount offered wins over the others, you got it...how could a seller not take a totally binding contract like that?  

Unfortunately, for most sellers, this is not the case and the usual winner is a conventional loan with at least 20% down.

I never recommend any of my clients to by-pass any inspections!  This is a big purchase and would be very risky not getting a home inspection, or any other required inspections.